Maternal Nutrition

Eating well prior to conception, during pregnancy and throughout breastfeeding is essential for the health of both the mother and her baby.

Dietary intake is known to play a role in reducing the risk of infertility and foods eaten even prior to conception can influence a baby’s health in the future. Your Everyday Eating Dietitian can offer advice on healthy eating during the pre-pregnancy period.

Pregnancy is a phenomenal time of change for a mother-to-be, learning how to nourish yourself and your baby during pregnancy can be confusing. There are important foods to include and avoid to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy and it can be a prominent time to modify your dietary intake. It is important to seek advice when altering your diet during pregnancy to ensure it remains nutritionally adequate. Everyday Eating can guide and support women to maximise their nutrition during pregnancy.

The early stages of motherhood undoubtedly include some of the most wonderful moments of life. Yet this time of life can also be extremely overwhelming and induce substantial amounts of stress and anxiety..not to mention tiredness, in many women. Some common challenges of new mothers include:

  • Knowing what foods are important for breastfeeding
  • Finding time to prepare healthy meals and snacks whilst caring for a newborn
  • Working toward pre-pregnancy weight
  • Choosing foods to boost energy levels

Your maternal nutrition consultation at Everyday Eating Dietitian may include:

  • Recommendations for healthy eating pre-pregnancy
  • Tips for boosting fertility
  • Advice on the dietary management of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Advice on the dietary management of Gestational diabetes
  • A detailed assessment of maternal nutrient intake and calculation of individualised nutrient requirements to support a healthy pregnancy by referring to the Australian Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs)
  • Individually tailored recommendations on how to meet increased nutrient needs
  • Advice on achieving appropriate weight change during and following pregnancy
  • Dietary recommendations for achieving maternal and infant health during breastfeeding

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